Monday, August 12, 2013

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online Storenvy shop called Urban Abyss. Urban Abyss is a new Storenvy shop that sells custom made, vintage, high-waist shorts. You can request them to be distressed,  studded, or just request regular, vintage, high-waisted shorts! High waisted shorts are very trendy at the moment and I don't really own a pair (one that fits properly, anyways...) So, I was lucky enough to be sponsored a pair of shorts to review! 

My shorts came via FedEx in a large envelope. Most parcels are sent via USPS but, there was a storm in New Jersey at the time my shorts were being shipped out. The owner felt it'd be safer if she sent it via FedEx, instead. I don't mind honestly because I love FedEx!My shorts took about a week to arrive but, shipping times depend on where you live and the efficiency of your postal service. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

The shorts were folded and wrapped up all cute. I honestly wasn't expecting the packaging to be cute or anything but it really was! She even included a little note aw. She's such a sweetie pie!

I wasn't sure what size shorts I wear because to be honest, I still wear little girl's clothes lol. But, I gave the owner my measurements and she was able to determine my size. She sent me a size Medium (The tag says they're a size 8, though.) Clothing sizes are confusing to me because I've always been pretty small. But, they fit perfectly and that makes me really happy.

Here are my beautiful, one of a kind, custom made, vintage high-waisted shorts! They are in fact brand vintage Tommy Hillfigure shorts. Even my mom noticed they were brand just by looking at them and she got super jealous haha. I didn't want studs on them because I wanted them to be able to go with everything but, I did want them distressed. 

So, this is what I mean when I sat the shorts are "distressed". They have a few rips and little tassels to make the shorts look super trendy and cute! At first I didn't really care for them but, they look really cute and they give such a unique look to my outfits. They're not poorly cut, either. 

This is what the shorts look like on me. They're super flattering and very cute. They honestly make me feel really good about my body and I love it. They're super comfortable and they aren't restricting or anything. I am really happy with these shorts and if you're looking for a good pair of high-waisted shorts I recommend you check out Urban Abyss because all of her shorts are vintage and one of a kind. You can buy shorts similar to mine HERE

I give this shop

 /5 Stars!

My shorts are amazing quality, super flattering, and the customer service is really great! 

Here's ! I'm sorry for the poor quality! I forgot to take a photo with my camera and took a phone camera photo, instead. My outfit was super cute today, too! ♥



  1. Adorable outfit! The distressing on the shorts looks really well done, too :o

  2. There's so many of the same kinda stores on storenvy that obviously use the same stock so it's a nice change to see a DIY company! Super cute shorts ^ u ^

    ♥ Little Owl Diary