Monday, August 25, 2014

Lockshop Wig Review ♥

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing a wig that I purchased from Lockshop. I bought the Mermaid Prism Wig originally because this wig had sold out and I wanted something similar in color/quality. (I ended up buying both of them though lol) I've heard from many people that Lockshop is really good quality and let me tell you, they weren't lying.~ Anyway, onto the review!

My wig shipped from Germany on the 4th of August and arrived about two weeks after which is good for international shipping times! It took me forever to get it from the post office and then the lady gave me a hard time because the parcel has my alias and not my real name omg but, I finally got it! The package was ripped a little in the back but luckily, nothing fell out and nothing on the inside was damaged.

My wig was wrapped neatly and it also came with a wig cap. Not all of my wigs come with wig caps but, I've accumulated so many that it's never been an issue for me but, it's always good to have more in case you misplace them!

My wig came in a plastic zip-lock baggy. I store all of my wigs like this and when I'm done wearing them, I put them back in their original packaging (netting included) to keep them in their best condition.

This wig is in layers~ The top layer is blonde, the middle layer is a candy pink, and the bottom layer is a lilac color. These colors don't necessarily blend but they go really well together!

The netting on the inside of the wig is very good quality and I am really impressed! When the netting on the inside of the wig is good quality, the wig will last a lot longer so, that's good.

On the inside of the wig there are hooks and loops. You put the hooks in the loops (2nd photo) to adjust the way the wig fits on your head. Don't put the wig on too tight ot it will give you a massive headache due to lack of bloodflow (trust me I have experienced this...) So, just put it to where it feels comfortable and if you'd like, you can put on bobby pins to help the wig stay in place. I didn't use bobby pins other than to pull back the fringe but, surprisingly it stayed all day! It helps if you don't mess with it though~

Here is the top of the wig and as you can see, it looks very natural and realistic. You can totally tell that this wig is extremely well-made and although this is now the most expensive wig I own, it's also one of the best wigs I own in terms of color, design, quality etc!

I didn't edit the contrast on these two photos so tat you can get a better idea of what the colors look like. The colors are very vibrant nut not so vibrant that it's distracting, if that makes sense? The colors go very well together and I love the light curls sooo much!

Lockshop was kind enough to send a bit of a wear and care guide on wigs. I admit that I don't agree with some of the tips they give but, I have a specific method for caring for my wigs~ Anyway, it's always good to know how to care for your wigs especially if you are a beginner because the best you care for your wig, the longer it will last.

Here's what the wig looks like on me. As you can see, the wig does not come styled so, if you want to cut the fringe you have to do it yourself. I'm really happy that if doesn't come styled though because I don't like full fringe wigs very much! This wig didn't get frizzy or anything over time and I am very happy about that. I'm not used to seeing myself so blonde but this is such a beautiful wig and I highly recommend it!


Shipping: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Customer Satisfaction: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Would I recommend this product/store to you?: YES! Definitely!

You can purchase this wig HERE and please be sure to check out more of Lockshop's amazing wigs.

What's your favorite Lockshop wig? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Love you. ♥

Much love,


  1. oh my this wig looks so unique and nice for gyaru style >.< ♥ Honestly, I'm not so into that style but I think this wig suits you and looks nice on you ! The scalp area and the hair itself look so realistic and natural. I often see on other wigs that the scalp area is really fake and you can definitely tell that it's a wig on the first sight >.<

  2. it's a really beautiful wig and you look so pretty with it! :3