Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sweet Soul Shop Review~! ♥

Hello cuties~! I'm here with another review for Sweet Soul Shop on storenvy. Sweet Soul Shop is an online storenvy shop that sells really cute wigs, clothes, shoes, circle lenses, and accessories. A lot of their items are gyaru/hime gyaru fashion and I honestly love love love wearing hime gyaru so much! It's so fun to wear and it makes me feel like a princess.~ ♥ Anyway, let's get started!

My item came in a box like the one pictured above. The shipping was reletivly fast it took a little less than two weeks to ship from China to the United States. Shipping from China usually takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arive depending on where you live so, the shipping was pretty fast for me! I am very pleased.

Today I am going to be reviewing these Black Platform Pumps! I really love these shoes because they're kind of a Maryjane style shoe. I got these for my himekaji coords but they'd honestly suit any style. 

There were a couple little marks on the shoes from being in that box but I just rubbed on them a little and they dissappeared so it's no big deal! I love that the heel is kind of thich because I'm a newbie when it comes to wearing heels and it makes walking in them a lot easier.

The clasps are really interesting... What you do is you have this little hook and you put the back of the round part closest to it and it's supposed to snap in place. Mine obviously didn't snap in place but, the strap didn't come undone, at least! Look at the cute lil charms ooo~ Oh! Also since these shoes are suede they attract hair like crazyyy~ I have a few pets so I have to be careful when wearing these babies around them. I just get a piece on tape and wrap it backwards around my hand and take off the little hairs. I think a little lint roller would work too! But yeah other than that I didn't have any problems with them.

Now I am going to explain the sizing to you because it's a little bit tricky. Some shoes that are made in China aren't always true to size and I unfortunately learned that the hard way. I'm usually a US women's size 7 in shoes but, the other shoes that I have from SSS were just a little too tight on me when I ordered them in a size 7. So, this time around I made sure to go a size up. Better safe than sorry, right? So I ordered a size 39 instead of a 38 and they fit sooo much better! I highly recommend that you order a size up just to be safe. You can also measure your foot to see what size is best for you. Make sure to leave a cm for a better fit. My foot is about 24cm long but obviously a 38 is too small since that's only the sole length and I didn't leave any extra room. My point is, go a size up to be safe unless you've ordered shoes from China before and are sure of your size.

Here are what the shoes look like on me and they're sooo cute! I can't wait to put some outfits together with them. Now, as I mentioned before I'm new when it comes to wearing heels so despite this shoe having a thick heel I didn't fumble in these a little. If you're used to wearing heels you shouldn't have any problems though~ The quality of these shoes is decent for the price and I recommend them if you're interested in these precious babies~

You can purchase these shoes HERE and you can also use the code "pastelcutie" at checkout when you spend $50.00 or more for a discount~! Also please be sure to check out some of the other really cute items at Sweet Soul Shop. They have sooo many amazing shoes ughhh~ 10/10 would recommend.

Thanks for reading~!

Much love,


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