Friday, June 24, 2016

My First Swap with Manda31409 ♥ (Picture Heavy)

Hello hello! I'm here today with something very new and very fun! A little while back I did a package swap with my lovely friend Manda31409. I quickly fell in love with Manda after discovering her Youtube Channel. The main thing that drew me to Manda's channel was of course, My Little Pony  videos, but what made me adore her content was the overflowing positivity and kindness. I am so lucky to have her as my friend! 

In case you didn't know, I absolutely love Hot Cheetos. When I opened the box and had seen this I was literally so happy/excited! You'll see as I get further into this post but, Manda knows me so well!

She also sent me a few of these adorable Wet 'n Wild pastel makeup brushes! They're so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing I haven't used them yet... aha they're too pretty! I'm sure I will try them out sometime, though!

Manda also sent me a Physician's Formula Highlighter and Mood Boosting Blush! The packaging of both these products is so beautiful! I also love the little compartment that holds a matching applicator brush. I loved these so much that I looked them up online for when I run out and they're really inexpensive which is amazing!

I love Milani Lipsticks so much. The packaging is so pretty and the quality is really nice especially for the price! This is such a pretty shade, too. Milani has a lot of really pretty shades that I want to try! After getting this beauty I'm tempted to buy a couple~ So good.

More lippies! *heart eyes* because you can never have too many lip products, right? I actually haven't used these products yet, but I'm so exited to try them! I've heard such good things about both of these brands/products so, I'm excited to give them a try!

I DONUT Care! Cute pink hand sanitizer. Smells soooo good and is so very cute! I loooove!

Ahhhh! Crybaby gel liner from Colourpop! this color is so pretty and even the swatch is pretty. I can't get the pigment to show on my lid very well, though. I'm going to try a creamy white eyeshadow as a base to see if I can get more pigment. Either way, this color is absolutely adorable as well as the packaging. It's also named after one of my favorite albums... CRYBABY! Cuuuute! ♥

All of the smaller items were put in little makeup bags which also contained many cute stickers. Such a sweet idea. ♥

So many pony stickers! These 3D stickers are my absolute favorite. I need to think of some cute places to stick these cuties. Any ideas? Hehe

This is an adorable My Melody stationary set. I love love love My Melody and I love cute stationary. This is such a sweet gift that will also allow me to give back and write cute little letters to my friends! 

I recently began collecting My Little Ponies and Manda was sweet enough to send me a Pinkie Pie pony! I think it's so sweet how I now have a little piece of her collection in my own. ♥

Plush Hello Kitty Pez dispenser?! I've never seen a plush pez dispenser before. This is literally the cutest thing ever! It's also a keychain which is really adorable. I love this so much!

More Snacks! I've actually tried this before and it looked better on the box, that's for sure! But it's so cute and really fun to make, especially with friends. If you haven't tried making Kracie Popin' Cookin' you should try it for fun!

Another one of my favorite Sanrio characters is Little Twin Stars! They're so pastel and adorable I love them so much. This Little Twin Stars keychain is EVERYTHING! ♥ ♥ ♥

I love scrunchies so much they give off such a retro vibe that I adore. Plus My Melody?! Yes, please! So so cute. Mint green is my favorite color as well so this is just perfect.

I literally wanted to cry actual tears when I saw this! I've been wanting a larger purse and I am so in love with this. It has all the luxury space I need without compromising any of the cuteness that fits my style. This is my favorite thing out of the whole swap though I really loved everything and it really showed me how well we have gotten to know each other in such a short time. It really just warms my heart, ♥

You can view Manda's video for my portion of the swap here

Please be sure to check out Manda's sites, as well. I will link them below~

As always, thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Much love, ♥


  1. Coming from Manda's channel thisbwas the cutest swap

  2. I just watched the video from manda's channel. This was a amazing swap♡♡♡

  3. OMG i want all of Little Twin Stars ;; i love it so much T^T

  4. Super Adorbs!!!! I think the both of you should do another swap but for 2018 and on.Bring the swaps back!!!!