Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Day in Lolita - Squirrel Party JSK ♥


Hello loves! ♥ Today I decided to wear lolita fashion. If by chance you have never heard of lolita fashion, you can read about it here. I've been wearing lolita for a bit but, I don't wear it often because it gets really hot and humid in San Diego. Makes wearing all of those layers really uncomfortable and it's just not a fun time. I try to wear lolita fashion as often as I am able because it is really cute and really fun to wear and it makes me feel really happy, too!

This dress (JSK = Jumperskirt) is called Squirrel Party and it is made by a store online called Bodyline. Squirrel Party was ACTUALLY the first lolita dress I ever purchased and owned though this is the first time I've worn it. The reason for that being, I had this idea of what I wanted the coord (coord = coordinate /or outfit) to look like. I had made collages and everything but the ideas ultimately kept changing and I could never really settle because it just felt.. incomplete/unprepared to me.

Since I bought this dress, I've accumulated a lot of lolita items including other dresses. Some I've bought slowly overtime since lolita is an expensive fashion and some of the items I have aquired were given to me by friends who no longer wear the fashion /or switched to a different style.

(Why do I look so worried... Am I late for an appointment....?)

There's a lot of items that make up a lolita coordinate, which is why it's taken me many months to feel like my coords were "ready" to be shown online. I've recently purchased a parasol umbrella (pictured) which is the last thing I needed to feel like this coordinate was complete so, I finally put it together. I am really happy with how it came out and actually looks better/cuter than it did in my mind.

Outfit Rundown:

Headbow: Handmade by my friend.
Blouse/Petticoat: Spreepicky
Dress/JSK: Bodyline
Tights: Sweetiecakes
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Kittywood Designs, eBay, Cute Can Kill

There are a lot of lolita dresses, and a lot of different sub-styles of lolita. Why did I choose Sweet Lolita? I chose Sweet Lolita because the prints are very cute and often feature designs that have all of the things that I love. One of the types of designs sweet lolita has is of course, sweets. There's lots of sweets, and food designs but that's not all. There's characters like animals, and things like flowers and bows... there's even prints that feature planets and stars covered in delicious pastel sweets (Name the print in the comments if you know which one I'm talking about!)

I think what I love most about sweet lolita is it's very empowering to dress in a way that's so different and very much just for yourself. When I wear lolita, it's because it makes me feel happy, and it makes me feel really confident and comfortable. I love it so much because it's purely something for me to enjoy and have fun. It really brightens my mood and boosts my confidence whenever I am wearing lolita. That's very powerful and amazing to me.

This fashion holds a special place in my heart and I encourage those of you who are interested to pursue the fashion (if you are able to). It's definitely brought a lot of joy into my life and it's helped me make friends, as well. Anywhoo, thank you all so much for reading. I hope that you enjoyed my coordinate as much as I did. 

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  1. You're so damn beautiful! o // 3 // o

  2. I always wanted to try lolita but all the items were too expesive :c

  3. The dress is so cute! Love how you coordinated it :)