Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hello Cuties! I have a really cute post for you all today.  I have received a phone case from Sweet Escape DecodenSweet Escape Decoden makes the cutest decoden cases in various designs. She can also make custom cases by request. Let's get onto the review~ 

My decoden case took less than a week to arrive after being shipped which is great! The packaging was so very cute and I could tell immediately that so much love, time, and effort goes into each order. The cases listed on Sweet Escape Decoden are also very affordable considering everything that goes into them I'd expect to pay more. I'm very impressed!

I received my decoden phone case, a cute dust plug / charm, and she even included some candy which is so sweet! I'll talk about the individual items in the next bit. But, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all that went into my order. It's so sweet!

Here's my case! My case is a pastel whip with Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma cabochons. There's also some pastel sweets, a rose, and pastel wings with hearts and glitter. I saw this case and it screamed me!!! I love it so so much omg I'm obsessed! It's not listed on Sweet Escape Decoden Etsy but, you can request to have a case made like this one.

The case fits on my phone perfectly and unlike most cases, it's easy to remove! I always have the hardest time taking my cases off so, I was really surprised at how easily this one came off. 

Here are some close ups of my super cute case as well as the dust plug / charm! The quality of this case is amazing and I can tell based off prior experiences, that this case is going to last me a long time. It's sturdy and I don't feel like the pieces are going to fall off or anything like that so, that's good! I'm really impressed!

I am very satisfied with my case and I would highly recommend Sweet Escape Decoden if you're looking for really cute decoden that's good quality and affordable. Big big thank you to Sweet Escape Decoden for sponsoring this review! I love my case so much!

please put "pastelcutie" in the notes 
section when you place an order! 

Thank you!


  1. The case looks so cute! I especially love the cat Rilakkuma cabochon♡
    ~ Moon (