Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cute Fashion Haul + Review ♥

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Hello friends! Today I have a very special review for you all. A cute fashion haul sponsored by Spreepicky.com ♥ I can't express how excited I was to be partnering with Speepicky again. The owners are always very sweet and considerate. I originally wanted to do a cute haul video but, I had some sizing issues which I will talk about in a moment~ 

Shipping was very fast and took about 2 weeks to ship to me in America which is really good! This adorable Yellow Bunny Pancake Dress ♥ is the first item I will be talking about today. This dress comes in two other colorways (pink, brown) and comes in two sizes (S / M). The sizes run small so please, check the measurements on the website before ordering.

There were two small issues that I had with this dress. The first issue that I had was that one of the bows is slightly coming undone. The bows on the dress are removable but, I think they add a very cute touch. This issue can easily fixed with some glue but, I couldn't find my hot glue gun, sadly... easy fix! I'm not hurt by it at all. I love the lace detailing and cute red buttons on the front. The overall style of the dress is adorable!

The dress is lined so, you don't have to wear bloomers or shorts if you don't want to. This is really great because I dislike bloomers.. hehe since it's lined you also don't have to worry about your undies showing or anything~ The petticoat I'm using is my BEST petticoat. It is also from Spreepicky which you can find here ~ ♥ This petticoat is the best thing ever... it gives me the perfect amount of poof without having to layer more than one. I highly recommend it~

The biggest issue that I had with this dress which was MY fault ....I assumed that it was elasticated at the arms/waist. It's actually has no elastic in the arms/waist so there isn't a whole lot of give. This made the dress hard for me to wear, sadly... It is my fault because I assumed even though the measurements have no indication that it is elasticated. I went back and realized my mistake.. I should have checked more carefully.. please pay close attention to the measurements on the site so that you do not repeat my mistake.

The print has bunnies, pancakes, and gingham along the bottom which is why I fell in love with this dress. Even though I had a sizing issue, I honestly can't bring myself to let it go... I want to keep it. I'm attempting to live a healthier lifestyle so, maybe in time I will fit this beautiful dress. ; ~ ; I love it so much honestly... I hope I can fit into it one day..

Next up ~ Pink Lovely Bunny Lolita Shoes ♥ I actually bought these myself to go with the dress in Red but red was sold out in my size. Since they were sold out of the Red shoes, they asked if I wanted the pink ones instead and I said yes! The staff at Spreepicky made sure that I picked the correct size which is great considering I have a reputation for ordering the wrong size. These are perfect! I now know my size woo ~ ♥

The details on this shoe are absolutely gorgeous! I ordered mine in a size 39 which is a USA 7 ~ 7.5. If you're unsure, the staff at Spreepicky with help you with sizing. Mine fit well but, thanks to my very weak ankles I can't walk in them. ; n ; I'm not good with heels but I figured since they're wedges, I'd be okay. I was wrong omg I was wobbling around so much, aw!

The bunnies on the front can be removed if you want to~ and the buckles are actually buttons so, they're really easy to put on and take off without a hassle. These shoes are so beautiful, I'm so sad I can't walk in them! ;; oh well.. my friend is going to give them a loving home, at least. ♥ Worth it <333

I saved the best for last. Card Captor Sakura Pink Phone Cover ♥ This case is too cute for words! the design is crisp, clear, and beautiful~ It's also very well constructed and lightweight. I'm so in love with this case, honestly, I can't get enough of this cuteness.

Spreepicky on Instagram ♥

The case opens up like so, and there's a space to snap your phone in. There is also a slot for cards and a magnetic closure to keep your belongings safe and sound! I don't know what more to say other than I really do love this case. It's good quality and well worth the price. It is also available in MANY phone models! Yay! ♥ Check it out!

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You can use the coupon "pastelcutie" at checkout for a discount ♥

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As always, thank you so much for reading and thank you Spreepicky staff for sponsoring this review ♥ Leave a comment below telling me which item is your favorite? ♥ Thank you ~


  1. I love all the little details on the dress! The shoes are also super cute.<3


  2. Oh my gosh what a super cute haul! Spreepicky is so amazing and I've always had great service from them. I love the Cardcaptor Sakura case! It's so pretty!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com