Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interesting Facts about Coconut

"Coconut oil may actually be beneficial. Coconut oil stimulates the thyroid, which in turn can help lower cholesterol and boost metabolism. As a result of the thyroid stimulation, coconut oil can also help one lose weight. One symptom of thyroid issues is depression. So fixing the thyroid problem may also help alleviate depression symptoms. Losing weight can relieve some depression symptoms. It is not a "miracle cure" for depression, but only one option that may offer some relief for some patients."

Coconut (or coconut oil) has helped me in many ways. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression. I tried different prescription medications for about a year and none had helped my symptoms. I decided to look into natural cures for depression and I stumbled upon coconut oil! 

I started eating a tablespoon of coconut butter everyday and it actually helped cure my symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder. As I kept eating the coconut butter, the better/happier I felt. It also helped me lose weight and maintain a stable weight. The medical reason behind this is, coconut boosts your Thyroid/metabolism and makes it easier for you to lose weight! I have personally, lost a few pounds while eating this cute little nut. 

I eventually started eating the inside of the coconut (the meat) and drinking the coconut water that was on the inside. You can of course, use coconut oil but, I've never tried it, personally. The smaller the coconut, the sweeter the juice and softer coconut meat. I love drinking the coconut milk from smaller coconuts because it tastes a lot sweeter. I like the mature coconut meat because it's crunchier and is a bit of a snack.

I'm sure you will find what you like best! I'm not an expert. So, I can't promise you that coconuts will cure your depression/bipolar disorder and cause you to lose weight but, it's worked for me, my uncle, and some friends, too! I hope it works for you, as well. 

Here are some yummy recipes you can try at home.

Just a note, when eating/drinking coconut/juice eat something right after. If you don't, your tummy will hurt. :c Also, never ever have it before bed or you'll wake up with the worst tummy ache, ever. Trust me, I know from experience!

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