Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time for a new review! Today I will be reviewing a crafts shop called Rara's Jewels! The ownder, Rachel is seriously the sweetest and kindest person ever. So, don't hesitate to contact her for whatever reason. I also want to apologize in advance, for the low quality photos! I couldn't get the lighting right. So, some of the photos aren't the best! 

Everything came wrapped in layers of bubble wrap! Any item that was fragile was also wrapped in separate layers of bubble wrap, just in case. Everything was packed super safe so, nothing broke or was damaged during delivery. :)

Soo these are all the items that Rachel sent me. (bows, rings, a necklace, and a hair clip) The rings came in little baggies and I thought that was so cute! I don't really have anywhere to put jewelry because I don't really have any so the baggies are very useful and adorable.  

These bows are really cute and really unique. They're plushie! But no only that, the designs are like super cool and the bows aren't made like most bows I've seen. They're like, sewed together piece by piece which shows a lot of work goes into them. The clip on the back is hot glued on. But, that's fine with me. These bows are very soft, very cute, and good quality. 

Next, the ringssss! They're really good quality. Nothing fell apart or anything like that. The pieces are glued on really well. They're also adjustable. (you can see i adjusted the cupcake one heh) They're super cute and really good quality. I'm always really afraid that deco items are going to fall apart because it's happened a couple times. Butttt I trust Rachel's products 100%! Super cute and yummy looking, amazing quality and a win/win!

This super adorable hair clip is a bat! It's a really cute barrette and I can't wait to wear it. Cuteness is 10/10. Quality is 10/10.

Another item I received was this adorable HK bottle cap necklace. I really love this because I've only seen bottle cap necklaces in the movies and I've always wanted one. *u* It's really cute and really well made. I'm not sure if these are listed in her shop. But, she might list them in the future. Feel free to contact her and ask! ^.^~

Rachel also wrote me a note and sent me a bit of stationary, along with some business cars. How sweet! ♥♥♥

Rachel was kind enough to give me a discount code, to give you you guys! 
Use the code PASTELCUTIE at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

Thanks so much for taking time to read my review and I hope you liked everything! 

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