Monday, May 20, 2013

Today I'm going to be reviewing a decoden shop called Stay Cute! ♥ (Also known as Sweet Petites) Stay cute is a decoden shop on Etsy that sells custom decoden cases and accessories. 

My phone case came in a bubble wrapped envelope from the UK to the US in about 2 weeks. The shipping was pretty fast and nothing was damaged during shipping which, I am very happy about! :) 

When I opened the envelope this is what was inside! My phone case was wrapped in very cute clear packaging. I really love when shop owners go the extra mile and make the packaging really cute!

Here's my case! It's SOOO cute and I am really happy with it! The owner of Stay Cute asked me what kind of phone model I have, and what kind of theme I wanted for my phone case. (as well as anything specific that I wanted) Staci can make a phone case for any phone model as long as their is a hard case available for it. I asked for a sweets + cute mix with Korilakkuma on it and a "sweet" cabochon. I also asked for some bows and cute drippy stuff on the side and I left the rest up to her creative abilities. As you can see, she made me EXACTLY what I wanted! She didn't leave anything out and put everything on my case that I asked for. ♥ 

Korilakkuma, bowsm strawberry (so cute) chocolate, pocky stickers, sparkly rhinestones. ♥

Teddy bear, cute glittery cabochon, sweet cabochon, hello kitty, and more sparkles! ~*

Cute pink drippy stuff yay!

The details on my case are amazing. You can tell Staci really puts a lot of time, effort, and love into her work. The case is really good quality and none of the cabochons came off or anything. I also really love how the whipped cream on my case is so squishy! It's a little sticky but I just got a little wet wipe and wiped it down (gently) and it wasn't sticky, anymore. :3

A couple rhinestones fell off but that's only natural because they're so tiny. Luckily, she sent me a bunch of extra rhinestones just in case I lose any.

So, if I do lose any little rhinestones I can just super glue them back on. I really love that she sent me extras just in case. ♥

She also sent me a letter with a few instructions on how to care for my case. ^_^

Staci sent me these cute little pins too. I think it's very sweet of her to put little goodies in with my case. :3

The case fits perfectly on my phone. It just snapped right on, no problem! I am really really happy with my case from Stay Cute. The quality is amazing, the details are just... so perfect and lovely. I really would recommend Stay Cute to anyone who is looking for a good quality phone case for a good price. 

Staci sent me a few of her business cards, too! It's a good thing she sent me a few because I remember with my last phone case I got soo many questions asking where I got it from so now I can just give them a business card. ^ o ^

Quality: 9.9/10
Shipping: 10/10
Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you check out her shop, as well. 

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  1. It was so nice of them to send extra gems! And the phone case looks pretty sturdy and so cute! Deff gonna check out stay cute! :)