Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here I am with another Sheinside favorites blog post! I love Sheinside so much because they have clothing and accessories for every individual style. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy making them! These posts are a really good way of me showing you guys my own personal style. My last Sheinside Favorites post was quite long and detailed. I decided that this time around I'm going to try to make this post shorter, and to the point so that I don't bore anyone. hehe. 

Sheinside has added a "Beauty" section to their store. They have a decent selection of makeup and beauty products so far and I cannot wait until they expand that section of their store. Their beauty products are really decently priced although, I am personally unsure of the quality it wouldn't hurt to try! 

I hope you enjoyed my Sheinside favorites blog post and I  really hope you find items that you like. They have tons of items for everyone and I am always satisfied with my products from them. I 100% recommend Sheinside to all of you. 

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