Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be telling you guys a little bit about an online Etsy shop called Miss Alphabet.

"Miss Alphabet began in 2004 under the eBay username JapaneseWhispers, after discovering a small LiveJournal community of girls eBay-ing their homemade wares. After about year of selling handmade knit tops and halter dresses (as well as vintage finds) the name was changed to longtime internet username Miss Alphabet (a reference to The Glove's "Mr. Alphabet Says.")

Over the years Miss Alphabet's aesthetic slowly morphed from the punk/rockabilly look with the zebra halter dresses and striped tops, to more electro/neon, and finally to a primarily fairy kei and uber girly nostalgia with a focus on juvenile 80's. With her discovery of a Japanese shop called Spank! (spankworld.jp) in 2006, Miss Alphabet looks more to them for style inspiration. 

So for fun, bold prints and flattering cuts, let Miss Alphabet dress you up. Alphabetize your wardrobe!"

Miss Alphabet is an online store than sells really cute clothes and accessories that can be custom made to fit you so, even plus sized babes can purchase some really cute clothes! I think what I love most about this shop is it's really fun, 80's style, bright neon, and girly products. Here are some of my favorite products!

(OMG!!!! LOVE!!!)

Oh my gosh I just love everything! I honestly wish I could post everything but, that'd be a really long post. So, check out even more super cute items at Miss Alphabet! ♥

If you'd like to see more posts like these, let me know~! 

Thanks for reading. Love you! ♥

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