Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hello cuties! So, I've gotten lots and lots of requests to do a wig collection post and I finally decided to make one! I don't have a lot of wigs so, it isn't much of a "collection", really. But, I think I have a decent amount for a good blog post. I'll be starting with my very first wig and then making my way to my most recent wig. I'll try to provide links if I can but, more than likely I won't have too many since a lot of these were purchased a long time ago. :c Anyway, Let's get started!

Okay so, this was my very first wig! I bought if eBay over a year ago. It's just a curly black wig with a straight fringe. (I pushed it to the side.) I think the reason I bought this wig was because my natural hair was so damaged due to all of the chemicals and stuff that I put in it and I really just wanted naturally pretty hair. (My natural hair is so thin too ugh.) Anyway~ Like I said, I bought it off eBay for $15 + free shipping and it lasted me about a year which is really good. The quality was decent and it looked pretty natural so, it was a good buy considering I bought it of eBay. I don't have the exact seller I bought it from but, there's a similar listing for this wig HERE! ♥

I'm sure you've all seen this wig in many of my photos! My friend Aspen bought it for me off eBay last October for my birthday and I love this wig so much! <3 It's lasted me well over a year and it looks really natural. I often have people walking up to me in public and asking about "what dye did I use" and "how I got my hair that light" etc. and they're always super surprised when I tell them that it's actually a wig.~ I've gotten many wears out of this wig and it's still hanging on. (barely) I really need to buy a replacement for it but, it's hard for me to find this EXACT wig. I think I have a link saved in my tabs somewhere but there's only a few left so, I need to hurry and purchase it ASAP ahh... Sadly, I don't have a link for this exact wig atm but, there's TONS of really cute pink wigs on eBay like the one listed HERE.

Shortly after I got my pink wig, I ordered this wavy red wig. I bought it for $12 + free shipping and unlike my black wig, I got what I paid for which was a bad quality wig. I only wore it once or twice and after that, I didn't get much out of it. You can't tell in the photos because of the filters but, this wig is extremely shiny and it looks really fake irl. I'm not very fond of this wig, at all. I just wanted to try a completely different look so, that's why I purchased it. Luckily it was only $12 so, I wasn't too disappointed. I could post a link to a similar listing but, I don't recommend this wig at all so ya I'm probably just going to skip the link on this one. If you still want a link, message me on tumblr and I'll find you one. <3

I didn't purchase a wig for a really long time after the mishap with the red wig. But, I was lucky enough to be sponsored this gorgeous Royalty wig from Insomnium Wigs.You can read my review on it HERE. This wig is really thick and natural looking. In low light it's a more purple-y color and in the sunlight it's a purple-ish brown color. I love everything about this wig except the fringe. I've never been a big fan of straight fringe wigs because they don't stay put for very long and I have to constantly adjust my wig/fix them. Maybe a few bobby pins would help? idunno but overall it's a really pretty wig and it goes well with a lot of the stuff I wear so, yay! ^_^

I bought this straight black wig off eBay for about $13 + free shipping from a seller named karenqianyun on eBay. It'd decent quality for the price. The netting on the inside is a bit cheaply made and it's didn't come with a wig cap. But, overall the wig looks pretty natural. I have a love hate relationship with straight fringe wigs because they look so cute but they don't stay in place. :c Wearing a hat/beanie helps with that, though. I mainly wear this wig when I start missing my long hair. (hair grow faster pls) so ya it serves it's purpose and it was really cheap so I can't really complain too much.

I got this mint rhapsody wig off a small Storenvy shop that is sadly, not in business atm. :c It's a good quality wig and I'm really happy with it. It's super soft and comfortable to wear. I don't wear this wig too often because it's a bit natural looking and I usually don't like to draw too much attention to myself... But~ overall it's an A+ quality wig and it's super cute & I love it a lot. You can purchase this wig from this shop HERE. Use the code PASTELCUTIE10 at checkout for 10% off your order~! ♥

The last wig in my collection is this dark brown wavy wig. I got this wig from the same shop that I got my mint one but, like I said before the shop is inactive atm. I got this wig for my more simple/less pastel outfits and although it's something different than what I'm used to, it suits me pretty well. I think it was $20 or something which isn't bad, at all. The quality is decent and it looks really natural. The only thing I don't like about this wig is the fringe because if I don't pin it back it's all up in my face. ; - ; But~ overall it's a really nice wig and I like it. You can purchase a similar wig from this listing HERE.

Well, that's it for my wig collection post! I need to buy a replacement for my pink wig and then maybe I'll get a lilac one hmm~ Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions feel free to message me on tumblr. Also be sure to check out my "Where can I buy good quality wigs?" blog post! 

Thanks for reading, love you! ♥


  1. What is your natural hair like? xxx

  2. Wigs! ♥ ♥
    I think pastel colours look super adorable on you! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  3. Oh my! That mint wig is my favorite its so gorgeous!!!


  4. Beautiful! ❤ The mint wig is amazing! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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