Monday, December 30, 2013

Kawaii Goods Review ♡

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing an online store called Kawaii GoodsKawaii Goods is an online store that sells cute clothes and accessories. I've been a fan of Kawaii Goods for a really long time so, I was really excited when she messaged me about doing a review for her store!

My package arrived the day after it was shipped which was really fast! It shipped from California and since I live in California as well, it arrived really quickly which I was super happy about. Nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

Everything was wrapped really neatly which is super nice! The items came with little plastic zip-lock baggies so, I can store them safely and I don't have to worry about them becoming damaged or anything.

Here are all of the super cute items that I received from Kawaii Goods. You have no idea how unbelievably happy I was when I was unwrapping everything oh my gosh~ I don't believe too many items on her shop are exactly the same which is really good because there's lots of variety. I'll be talking about each item individually and then do my best to link you to similar items~!

The first item that I received from Kawaii Goods was this adorable pastel cute heart bear necklace. This very cute necklace is made out of resin.I own a few pieces of jewelry made out of resin and what's different from the other pieces I own is, there's little bits inside of the necklace. I really love all of the little pieces she put inside of the necklace. There's a teddy bear, the word "love", pastel stars, and mini star flakes inside. It's absolutely adorable and I am so in love with it! ♥

It's made really well and I tugged on the chain a bit to see how strong it was and it's very strong. The hoop on the necklace was applied very nicely and no glue or anything was showing so that's really great! This piece is really good quality, really cute, and one of a kind. You can find a similar piece on her shop HERE. I highly recommend that you treat all of your handmade accessories with care because they will break if treated improperly.

The next item that I received from Kawaii Goods was this adorable sea shell necklace. This necklace is similar to the previous one I mention in the sense that it's also made of resin. It's really durable and it is on a really long white chain. What I really love is the cross in the middle of the bow. It gives a bit of a pastel goth vibe which I like! You can find a similar item on her shop HERE. Always treat your handmade items with love and care because they will break if treated improperly!

The next item that I received from Kawaii Goods as these pastel angel wing hair clips. These hair clips are made of resin and are really durable. What I love about these hair clips is the glitter flakes on the inside. As I mentioned before, I love how she puts cute little bits inside of her resin pieces. It's so cute and unique! 

Each hair clip has an alligator clip on the back. The clip itself is durable and it didn't break off or anything so yay! The glue is a bit visible but, since it's going in your hair it doesn't matter much.~ You can purchase these super cute hair clips in her shop HERE. ^__^

The last item that I received was this pin with cherubs on it. It's really cute and I think it'd go perfectly with cult party kei coords. I couldn't find this item in her shop so it might be a freebie! (Something you get free with your order~) so yeah heh. It's cute, though I like it a lot!

The owner of Kawaii Goods also sent me a little note which is so thoughtful and it shows that she really cares about her customers! ♥

I am so incredibly pleased with my items. Each item was made so perfectly well and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend you check out Kawaii Goods

Thank you so much Claudia for sending me items to review for your store. Everything was so cute and I'm so happy. ^__^

Check out Kawaii Goods!

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As always, thank you so much for reading/watching.  

I love you! ♥