Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just a Girl Phone Case Review ♡

Hello cuties! Today I'm going to be reviewing a phone case made by Just a Girl on Etsy. The owner of this shop makes custom phone cases for any device as well as, custom sunglasses, accessories and more. She had previously made me a My Little Pony phone case and I loved it sooo much! It lasted me a couple of months before bits started coming off which I think is pretty good. But anyway, she offered to make me a new one, so yay! Let's get started. ^_^

My phone case came in this paper envelope. The shipping took about 2 weeks and it shipped all the way from the UK so, that's not too bad! She marked the parcel as "fragile" and made sure to wrap my phone case so nothing was harmed or damaged during shipping.

So, here's my super cute phone case! You can find the listing HERE. When Soraya asked me what design I wanted for my case I said that I wanted it to be really pink and I wanted it to have sweets all over it with a "Sweetheart" cabochon. I wasn't too specific but it's fine because I trust that whatever she came up with was going to be really cute and it was! She gave me EXACTLY what I wanted and I couldn't be happier~!

Here's some close ups of my phone case. As you can seem it's very well done and everything is neatly placed. I love the cute little touches like the bow and the pink M&M heh. This case is topped with a gloss varnish finish so, it won't fall apart as easily as it would if the bits were just glued on. Please be sure to treat your decoden phone cases with care~! 

I am sooo in love with my phone case! It's exactly what I wanted and it's really well made. I highly recommend that you check out Just a Girl if you'd like a custom phone case, as well. She can make custom cases for any device/model but, if your device isn't listed you can just shoot her and e-mail and see if she can make one for you~!

You can also use the code PASTELCUTIE10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

Thanks for reading. Love you! ♥

My little pony glitter graphics


  1. that is so cute!, love it! the way love following your blog, I always try to incorporate a little bit kawaii style sometimes.<3

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